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Please send Payment via Zelle, Cash APP or Venmo 



Venmo:        LegitCPN2022

CashApp:    iTradeline11



please include your name and email address in the Notes section. This will allow us to confirm &  prepare the necessary paperwork and send it to you for signing.





Please check your Email 24 hours after you order and check for an email from “Hello sign” Or “ Docusign”  which will be the paper work of assigning the Tradeline to you. Please make sure to Check your Spam folder as well ( Sometimes Emails go to Spam folder). We will also mail you the documents within 48 to 72 Hours after your order.


Credit Card Payments:


Just to provide some information, since 2013 and the implementation of operation choke point, credit card companies are no longer able to facilitate credit card transactions for businesses involved in the buying or selling of debt. Consequently, we are currently unable to accept credit card payments. If your preferred payment method is exclusively credit card and you have set up your card through PayPal, please get in touch with us so that we can send you a payment request.

G.E Capital Bank - Balance of $5490 - 6 Years Old - CC/Revolving

SKU: 6
$240.00 Regular Price
$120.00Sale Price
  • Aged tradelines on a credit profile refer to the history of an account that has been established and maintained for an extended period of time. These tradelines are an essential component of an individual's credit history and play a crucial role in determining their creditworthiness. Aged tradelines can positively impact one's credit score and overall credit profile by demonstrating a long history of responsible credit management. Lenders and creditors often view older tradelines as a sign of financial stability and reliability, as they reflect a borrower's ability to manage credit over time. Therefore, individuals seeking to improve their creditworthiness may consider adding aged tradelines to their credit reports, either by becoming an authorized user on someone else's established account or by opening their own credit accounts and nurturing them over the years. It's important to note that while aged tradelines can have a positive effect on credit scores, they should be used responsibly, as mismanagement can have adverse consequences on one's financial health.